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ECi Integrates FMAudit® Software Supply Quote Capabilities with ECi e-automate® Software

Leading MPS solution provider empowers e-automate users with automated supply reordering for imaging devices

Fort Worth, TX—11 December 2014  ECi Software Solutions today announced an exciting new advancement for the integration of its FMAudit® print services management software with e-automate® ERP software. Toner reordering is usually a time-consuming, multi-step process undertaken by imaging dealers.  Through the advanced device monitoring and management capabilities of FMAudit software, however, dealers using e-automate can now automatically receive detailed toner supply quotes directly into their business system whenever a customer’s imaging device is low on toner.

How does it work? FMAudit software can remotely monitor the ongoing status of imaging devices across a vast array of brands, locations, and networking environments.  FMAudit software analyzes the data collected on each device to proactively determine how much toner is left and projects how soon each toner cartridge will become completely empty based on historical usage patterns for the imaging device.  When FMAudit software has determined that a toner resupply is needed for a device, it passes synchronized details to e-automate.  The reorder alert from FMAudit to e-automate automatically generates an e-automate supply quote that associates the correct toner cartridge, serialized imaging device, device location, and customer contact information needed to complete the resupply process (final approval from an authorized dealer staff person is required to push the supply quote through e-automate’s order process). This seamless process is accomplished via Web Services built on ECi’s proprietary ESN (Equipment Supply Network) data exchange platform.

ESN’s application programming interface (API) connection for the automatic supply quote integration is now fully integrated with FMAudit Central v3.6 and v4.0 in concert with e-automate’s 8.5. 

“The ability to offer our customers this integration with e-automate is very exciting,” said Greg Allen, ECi FMAudit’s VP of Operations.  “Increasing productivity is what dealers are looking for and this integration is exactly what is needed when offering automated supply ordering: the capability to place a quote in a dealer’s business management system without the staff having to manage alerts.  This takes a time-intensive step out of the ordering process and limits the risk associated with managing supply programs.”

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