Supply-Triggered Marketing

Automatically send customers low-supply alerts

Chances are you only manage a small percentage of a customer's print and MFP assets with cost-per-page contracts. What about the devices you don't manage? While the long-term goal is to get these devices under contract, wouldn't it be ideal if you could sell them supplies in the mean time?

Send reminders to purchase toner automatically

Using Supply Triggered Marketing, your ECi FMAudit system can automatically send toner purchase links when one of your client's non-managed printers are about to run out of toner. The client receives a courtesy email. When they click on the link, it takes them to your toner store. It is like having a virtual supplies sales rep sitting beside every printer in your customer’s office waiting to make a sale.

How it Works

  1. Your FMAudit® system continually monitors every printer or MFP on your customer's network
  2. When the toner level for a non-managed printer reaches a certain level, it generates a courtesy email to the customer
  3. The customer clicks on the link in the email to purchase the toner from your online store
  4. You make incremental supply sales!

Have you seen the FMAudit brochure?

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