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ECi loves helping our customers improve their businesses, attain their goals and continue to grow. Read their testimonials to learn how FMAudit can provide the solutions you need.

Cannon IV logo

Cannon IV

"We chose FMAudit based on its best-in-class technology, strategic partnerships with OEMs and innovation."
— Jerry Jones, CEO

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Pacific Office Automation

"WebAudit is a natural upgrade to USB Key technology. FMAudit keeps a few steps ahead of their competition and continues to raise the bar in the area of print management."
— Brian Jackson, IT Manager

"After extensive research and analysis of many solutions, FMAudit came out on top. They provided us with a solution to fulfill our main objectives today, with plenty of room to grow in the future."
— Doug Pitassi, VP and Director of Sales

Solution One logo

Solution One

"It's one thing to collect meters, but submitting these into a dealer's ERP system is a sophisticated process that presents many challenges. FMAudit's team persisted, not only providing our company with a seamless submission of data into e-automate, but a true 2-way synchronisation that alleviates over 90% of the manual intervention."
— Keith Snyder, CFO

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"FMAudit represents a significant milestone in TABS Managed Services strategy. It removes the complex and costly engagement cycle typically associated with asset identification processes and tools, and enables TABS dealers to respond quickly to the customer demands for improved output and management strategies."
— Bill Melo, Chief Marketing Executive, General Manager

Ray Morgan Company

Ray Morgan Company

Hear Dustin Wandtke of the Ray Morgan Company share his favorite FMAudit features including an exclusive integration with their e-automate ERP!

Eakes Office Plus

Eakes Office Plus

"FMAudit has become a very important tool as we entered the MPS space."
— Paul McKinney, Operations Manager

Solutions YES

Solutions YES

"At my previous dealership, we had an entire department who called customers for meter reads every day, all day. With FMAudit, you can gather that same information literally in a matter of seconds."
—Greg Maggs, VP of Service